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Ellipse family

Aesthetic solutions you can believe in! Leading dermatologists and beauty professionals worldwide depend on Ellipse for safe, effective treatment of a broad range of skin conditions. That's because each Ellipse product comes with the security of thorough medical documentation. With Ellipse you get proven results, not just promises. We invite you to learn more – and to discover the lasting difference of Ellipse. Clinically proven safe and effective Ellipse laser and IPL based products are developed to give doctors and beauticians safe, effective tools to treat a variety of skin diseases and cosmetic conditions. With the opportunity to satisfy current clients and attract additional customers, Ellipse is an ideal way to expand your business – on a foundation of proven results, not just promises. Just the facts Ellipse systems are used to treat a wide range of skin conditions, including the removal of unwanted hair, vascular lesions, epidermal pigmented lesions, photo-damage, wrinkle reduction and acne vulgaris. Ellipse is internationally recognized as a leading provider of Intense Pulsed Light as well as laser systems that are clinically proven to be safe and effective. With its wide variety of medically tested products, Ellipse represents a voice of solid science in a market craving documentation.

Ellipse Flex PPT

One system - multiple applications Millions of satisfied patients - thousands of satisfied doctors Ellipse Flex has been a success in the medical community since the first model was launched in 1997. Like its predecessor, the Ellipse Flex PPT was developed in close co-operation with leading skin researchers and dermatologists as well as nursing and support staff. It features an innovative technological platform that ensures even greater clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction. Superior convenience and ease of use in a host of different treatment situations give you the flexibility to broaden your scope of patient care.

Ellipse Juvia

Ellipse Juvia is: Fractional and full ablative flexibility Light and protable - only 24 kg Square scan pattern for optimized treatments

Ellipse I²PL

Remarkably Effective Ellipse I²PL offers: * Safety * Advanced technology * Intelligent design * Broad application portfolio

Ellipse MultiFlex including Nd:YAG handpiece

We are proud to announce that our new Ellipse MultiFlex was released for sales in October 2008. Ellipse MultiFlex is a new multi-technology platform supporting a full spectrum of light-based dermatological applications. Utilizing laser and I2PL technologies, the MultiFlex offers a range of modalities tailored to specific treatments. The first of many new opportunities is an Nd:YAG module ideal for treatment of leg veins. Because Ellipse MultiFlex Nd:YAG employs SoftCool ™ - a patent pending focused air cooling system, patients experience less discomfort. While some systems rely on expensive cryogen spray Ellipse MultiFlex produces its own cooled air at no additional cost. The Nd:YAG furthermore offers superb ergonomics with smooth adjustability of working light, aiming beam and spot size.


Ellipse I²PL technology Unlike laser, the light generated from Intense Pulsed Light Systems is broad waveband. The waveband of light emitted from the Ellipse System is chosen so that it both has the correct penetration depth and the optimal absorption by the target chromophore, with minimal absorption by the competing chromophores. The short flashes of light are timed to heat up the target to the correct temperature without damaging surrounding tissues. All Ellipse I²PL feature state-of-the-art technologies such as Square Pulse Technology, and the patent pending Dual Mode Filtering. Ellipse fractional CO2 laser technology With the introduction of Ellipse Juvia Fractional CO2 Laser System, Ellipse now adds a documented, safe and effective laser solution to the Ellipse family. Ellipse Juvia represents the effective and well-know technology of the CO2laser platform, combined with a fractional laser scanner. With the flexible optical fibre for precise beam delivery and the possibility for parameter adjustments in the scanner, the physician is back in control. Ellipse Nd:YAG laser technology The Nd:YAG laser module employed in the MultiFlex system features a number of innovations that make it ideal for treatment of leg veins. Because Ellipse MultiFlex employs a new, patent pending focused air cooling system for pre, parallel and post cooling patients experience less discomfort with the Ellipse Nd:YAG than with many alternative cooling systems. While some systems rely on expensive cryogen spray or additional operators for external coolers Ellipse MultiFlex produces its own stream of cooled air fully integrated in the hand-piece at no additional cost. The Nd:YAG hand-piece furthermore offers superb ergonomics with smooth adjustability of working light, aiming beam and spot size.

Ellipse Light SPT Noticeably different

Ellipse Light SPT Noticeably different Ellipse Light SPT is: * Modern and elegant design * Peak performance * Safe & effective
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Summary: Our team of profesionals is dedicated to providing the best possible services:


  • Equipment and products sale: (distributor of ELLIPSE A/S – IPL and LASER systems)
  • Consultant services, aesthetical medicine and cosmetic projects and furnishing;
  • After sale service;
  • Equipment installation and maintenance;
  • Staff taining (products and equipment);
  • Recruitment;
  • Официален дистрибутор на Ellipse A/S        (DDD - Danish Dermatologic Development)
  • Официален вносител на Silhouet Tone - http://www.silhouettone.com/
  • професионална апаратура и оборудване


We hope this introduction has been informative, if you require further information please feel free to contact us at any time.

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